Engineering geothermal’s global, exponential growth by 2030

Collage of earth and geothermal growth curves

We aim to unlock global exponential growth of geothermal by facilitating the rapid transfer of resources, technologies, and know-how from the oil and gas industry toward geothermal energy production.

We’re on a sprint to complete our mission by 2030. By the end of this decade – when our work is complete – geothermal energy development will be on an exponential roll with the oil and gas industry engaged on a worldwide scale.

Our two-phased approach

To meet our aggressive timeline, we’ve adopted an approach focused on the major barriers standing in the way of exponential growth of geothermal development.
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Phase I

A global geothermal resource and prospecting map

Launched in fall 2022, the InnerSpace Phase I initiative will publish an interactive global geothermal resources map in 2024, which will serve as a development guide for stakeholders. Phase I is being developed by a global team of experts with funding provided by Project InnerSpace as part of our R&D portfolio, and in partnership with a multinational technology partner.
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Phase II

A global deployment sprint for first-of-a-kind geothermal projects

The Geothermal Exploration Opportunities Fund (“GeoFund”) will deploy teams of innovators into the field to build first of a kind geothermal pilots. These teams will accelerate and demonstrate the unique ability of geothermal resources to decarbonize tough-to-address sectors, such as industrial processes and heat.

Goals of InnerSpace Phase I & II

Deploy a disruptive roster of innovative geothermal start-ups experiencing delay due to funding scarcity into the field, leveraging our Phase I prospecting map to identify high-impact pilot locations.
Drive fast engagement in geothermal development within a critical mass of oil and gas entities, while concurrently proving the application and impact of bleeding-edge oil and gas technologies and methods on geothermal projects.
Reduce risk associated with new scalable geothermal concepts sufficiently to catalyze significant private investment via traditional project financing mechanisms.

GeoFund will prioritize projects proposed in parts of the world that are experiencing energy poverty, and in regions that are expected to contain the world’s top population centers in 2050.

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  • Headshot of Jamie Beard
    Founder & Executive Director

    Jamie Beard

  • Headshot of Daniel Merino-Garcia
    Vice President, Research

    Daniel Merino-Garcia

  • Headshot of Drew Nelson
    Vice President, Programs, Policy & Strategy

    Drew Nelson

  • Headshot of Joshua Elliott
    Vice President, Innovation

    Joshua Elliott

  • Headshot of Michele Singer
    Vice President, Operations & General Counsel

    Michele Singer

Team InnerSpace

  • Headshot of Ryan Au
    Software Engineer

    Ryan Au

  • Headshot of Chloe Bergstrand
    GeoMap Data Manager

    Chloe Bergstrand

  • Headshot of Tiersa Carlos
    Program Manager

    Tiersa Carlos

  • Headshot of  John Clegg
    R & D Analyst

    John Clegg

  • Headshot of Helen Doran
    Lead Geologist

    Helen Doran

  • Headshot of Jackson Grimes
    Director of Global Engagement

    Jackson Grimes

  • Headshot of Karine Kleinhaus
    Director of Stakeholder Engagement

    Karine Kleinhaus

  • Headshot of Stephen Lee
    Senior Data Scientist

    Stephen Lee

  • Headshot of Tim Lines
    Project Finance Analyst

    Tim Lines

  • Headshot of Veit Matt
    Subsurface Analyst

    Veit Matt

  • Headshot of Taylor Mattie
    Director of Technology

    Taylor Mattie

  • Headshot of Trent McFadyen
    Director of Strategic Initiatives

    Trent McFadyen

  • Headshot of  Sherri Melamut

    Sherri Melamut

  • Headshot of Aston Teague
    Director of Innovation & Growth

    Aston Teague

  • Headshot of Higinia Torregrosa
    US Subsurface Lead

    Higinia Torregrosa

  • Headshot of Smita Satiani
    Emerging Markets Advisor

    Smita Satiani

  • Headshot of Rishabh Yajurvedi
    Executive Assistant

    Rishabh Yajurvedi

Phase I Research and Development Portfolio - Principle Investigators

  • Headshot of Sven Fuchs
    Working Group Leader, Exploration of Thermal Geosystems, Section Geoenergy, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

    Sven Fuchs

  • Headshot of Javier Fullea
    Associate Professor, Physics of the Earth and Astrophysics department, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Javier Fullea

  • Headshot of Megan Holdt
    Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge

    Megan Holdt

  • Headshot of Sergei Lebedev
    Professor of Geophysics, University of Cambridge

    Sergei Lebedev

  • Headshot of Paul Markwick
    CEO, Knowing Earth

    Paul Markwick

  • Headshot of Michal Nemčok
    Director, RM Geology

    Michal Nemčok

  • Headshot of Douglas Paton
    Director, TectoKnow

    Douglas Paton

  • Headshot of Yihe Xu
    Postdoctoral Associate, University of Cambridge

    Yihe Xu

Strategic Advisors

  • Headshot of Marit Brommer
    Executive Director, International Geothermal Association

    Marit Brommer

  • Headshot of Michael Campos
    Principal, Azolla Ventures

    Michael Campos

  • Headshot of Eli Dourado
    Senior Research Fellow, Center for Growth & Opportunity Utah State University

    Eli Dourado

  • Headshot of Stephen Petranek
    Technology Forcaster, Futurist, Partner; Ocean Zero, LLC

    Stephen Petranek

  • Headshot of Rebecca Schulz
    Energy Analyst, Consultant; International Energy Agency

    Rebecca Schulz

Task Force Observers

  • Headshot of Laurens de Groot
    Environmental Activist, Co-Founder; International Center for Future Generations

    Laurens de Groot

  • Headshot of Adam Marblestone
    Chief Executive Officer, Convergent Research

    Adam Marblestone

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