Together, we can unlock our most abundant source of clean energy

Project InnerSpace is the leading independent organization dedicated to rapid global development of geothermal energy.

Funded by philanthropy

We bring together the financial resources of climate-conscious donors with the technical expertise and infrastructure of the oil and gas industry, creating a powerful alliance to pursue a sustainable geothermal energy future.
Collage of earth and its core

Leveraging the expertise of the oil and gas industry to scale geothermal energy, we can rapidly provide the world with unprecedented levels of clean, geothermal power.

If we drill for geothermal energy at the rate we currently drill for oil and gas, by 2050 up to 77 percent of global demand for electricity and over 100 percent of global demand for heat can be supplied by geothermal.

This is not a moonshot.
By drilling for heat instead of hydrocarbons, we can solve for energy and climate.

An abundant and clean energy future is possible.

While the challenge ahead of us is significant, we reject doomerism, and focus on the deployment of technology and capital that will unlock geothermal resources everywhere in the world.

Leveraging geothermal heat produced naturally beneath Earth’s surface – in our inner space – is the key to assuring growth, prosperity, and quality of life for humans, while mitigating climate and environmental degradation.

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